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Our Approach

We create lasting relationships

Insignius Capital actively advises a multi-strategy portfolio that invests in the most promising early-stage projects and liquid cryptocurrency projects with a long-term view. Insignius Capital currently has more than 30 portfolio companies with an AUM of $20M USD. The investment team consists of venture capital veterans, researchers, and trading professionals based in Stockholm and Dubai.

It’s more than just capital. We partner with entrepreneurs who share our core values and passion to create a better world. We invest early, working closely with founding teams and our network to help build the next generation of impactful blockchain companies.

Global Reach

Long-established talents

Insignius philosophy is based around the idea that successful blockchain projects need more than just capital to stay at the forefront of innovation and achieve sustainable growth. Insignius Capital provides end-to-end strong support to its portfolio projects, including advisory on strategies/operations and resources matching.  Insignius Capital helps its portfolio companies by providing access to networking opportunities, consulting, top-notch talent, as well as achieve broader market penetration and reach millions of users.

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Great partnership with Insignius Capital, they are extremely driven and their outreach resulted in a dramatically great calibration.
Our Philosophy

Our Strength



We have witnessed the rapid development of the whole blockchain industry, had a deep insight into the development of blockchain technology. Our team has researched thousands of blockchain projects, which results in the prominence and experience to become leaders in blockchain innovation.


Technical Background

Our team’s profound industry knowledge and strong technical background is recognized in the Blockchain industry. The rich experience in blockchain and other high-tech developments equip us with the ability to identify promising projects and invest them strategically in the early stages.



We provide high-quality value-added services to our portfolio projects, with a multi-dimension ecosystem including Exchanges, Developers, Incubators, Influencers and other vertical industry actors.



Our team members are located in Sweden, UAE, US, Korea, China and Japan. Our partners and associates are based in but not limited to 40+ countries. We have a network of projects and people that connects industry pioneers with the knowledge and resources necessary to unlock the tailored potential of your project.

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